YWAM Partnership Impacting Unreached in Mozambique

Ian Gennari and associate baptizing African woman in Mozambique concrete baptismal


Mandimba is a city in the Niassa region of north-eastern Mozambique and borders Malawi.

The Youth With A Mission (YWAM) team is working with the Yao in this region. There are an estimated 322,000 Yao speakers living in northern Mozambique. The Mozambican Yao people farm for subsistence and basically eat what they grow.

The Islam which the Yao of Mozambique have embraced, is not the same as found in the countries such as Iran, Iraq, ect., but is intermingled with their traditional animistic belief system. Only 1.4% are Christian.

Map of Mozambique with the city of Mandimba circled


Davar recorded the Yao full audio Bible in 2015, initially for the Yao speakers of Malawi. “We are thrilled that it is now being used in Mozambique,” says Mark Perkins, Davar CEO.

audio bible distribution


Ian G., his wife and three children, are all living and serving in Mandimba. They’ve been there for almost 10 years. Ian shares about those they are reaching, “They are unreached, they are oral only. Many are baptized believers but have no access to the scriptures. Out of one thousand baptized, 600 do not have the Word of God.”

Due to the limited number of audio bibles available the family is working with more mature believers to travel and share the audio Bible through listening groups. They are also memorizing stories and sharing them orally.

Most of the Yao they encounter do not have a phone of any kind, so it’s not possible to use SD cards. Ian’s goal is to give every baptized believer their own audio Bible so they can experience the full story of Jesus and share it with those around them.

Ian shares, “There is no promise we can be here tomorrow. There is terrorism going on in the north and it’s a tough life. It’s not a promise that we are staying here so we have to take advantage of the opportunities now. It’s crazy how fast the movement is spreading.”

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