Partnership Yielding Fruit in Guinea-Bissau

27 People Groups & Languages 

Guinea-Bissau (GB) is a small undeveloped country in West Africa with two million people and 27 people groups and languages. The population is primarily Muslim, and the country is surrounded by Muslim countries, making it a strategic hub for sharing the Gospel. 

In partnership with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Davar has recorded four new languages for Guinea-Bissau, including one for the unreached/unengaged people group called Biafada.

Micro-SD cards Make it Easy to Listen Immediately

Jefferson B., the YWAM Base Director in GB shares, “One of the reasons we work with audio bibles is because many people here do not know how to read and write. It is a poor country but everybody has a cell phone. We take micro-SD cards and we put it inside their cell phones. They are locked so no one can change or erase it. Once we put it in they can start listening to the Bible right away.

audio bible distribution

Biafada Hear the Gospel in Their Language for the First Time

Thanks to Davar, we were able to record the book of Luke, which is the only book of the Bible translated into Biafada. For the first time in history, the Biafada people can hear the gospel in their own language. We could see how happy they were when they heard the gospel in their language, especially the elderly. And because of this audio Bible distribution 50 people accepted Jesus and nine of them were Biafadas.

The Word of God is alive and can change live, and we are seeing this happening right now.”

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