An Incredible Year: YouVersion and Davar

A Dynamic Partnership

We are grateful for a continued partnership with YouVersion. Their site and Holy Bible app continue to grow in listenership and languages. They upload Davar audio bibles as we publish them, so that oral learners can listen, learn and live. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth with them this past year, and we are excited to carry that momentum into 2023.

An Additional 64 Languages added in 2022

We ended the year 2022 with 97.8 million chapter listens; an increase of 64%! A large chunk of this growth is due to tracking the Good News Translation in English that Davar published in 2015. Thanks to YouVersion’s growing platform, we can now track more languages than ever before! This is an incredible blessing since Davar added 64 new languages to YouVersion just in 2022!

When we look at overall listenership for the year by region, it’s not surprising that South Asian languages are the most listened-to audio bibles we’ve published. We have 45 audio bibles for South Asia on YouVersion and they accounted for 53 million chapter listens in 2022.

We believe South Asia leads listenership because of their population density, prolific cell phone access and usage, and the recent publication of large language groups in the area. Africa has the most languages published, 112, and had just over 7 million chapter listens last year. We continue to share our audio openly and freely on the Digital Bible Library and to local Bible societies that use it for solar-powered devices to reach those without a cell phone, internet, or even electricity.

There were Davar audio bibles being played in 18 different countries this past year. The countries with the most listens include Indonesia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa. As modern events scatter people across the world, we recognize that many of the chapter listens in these countries are not native languages. In the USA, for example, refugees and immigrants are listening to audio bibles in their home languages rather than in English.

Thank you for supporting Davar Audio Bibles so that we can continue to publish more languages onto YouVersion. We pray that our partnership with YouVersion will continue to bring God’s Word to millions around the world who need to hear Him to know Him. 


Total Listens by Year

2018 1.1 million
2019 16.3 million
2020 47.7 million
2021 59.5 million
2022 97.8 million

Davar audio bibles on YouVersion

2018 17
2019 26
2020 58
2021 106
2022 174


Join us in praying for the hearts of these those who hear, that they may fall in love with the Word of the Lord and live transformed for His glory. 

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