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The Word of God for the People of Peru

There are 12 million Quechua people who speak 46 different languages living in villages throughout Peru. Some maintain their traditional way of life as farmers or shepherds, while others have adapted to mainstream society. Very few of the people can read and write in Quechua.

In their culture, traditions and belief systems are rarely written down but instead are passed down orally, making the need for an audio Bible all the more important. A true understanding of the gospel is unknown. While Catholicism is prevalent it has become intermingled with their traditional animistic beliefs. They have limited, if any, concept of Jesus as the Son of God or the Savior.


Quechua speakers

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Help Us Record These Old

Testament Audio Bibles

Quechua Ambo:  119,000 speakers, 2% Christian

Quechua Huallaga:  58,000 speakers, 3% Christian

Quechua Huaylas:  426,000 speakers, 1% Christian

Quechua North Conchucos:  310,000 speakers, 4% Christian

Quechua South Conchucos:  330,000 speakers, <1% Christian

Quechua Huamalies:  93,000 speakers, 3% Christian

Investment Overview

We are in need of full funding to record six Old Testaments that will be combined with existing partner ministry New Testaments to create full audio bibles for the Quechua people. This project will provide these oral learners with God’s word in their home language, allowing them to learn about the God who created them and live transformed lives.

Investment Needed:


($60k per Old Testament)

Potential Reach:

1.3 Million People