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We share our audio Bible recordings with LUMO and Gospel Films to bring the Word of God alive. The film projects are groundbreaking, multi-language biblical resources that were created to transform the way in which people engage, discover and study the life of Jesus through the Gospels. Breathtaking live-action footage, coupled with word-for-word Scripture from the four Gospels, LUMO paints an authentic portrait of the life of Christ.

A sample of the films currently featuring Davar audio is below. The full library of Davar audio on LUMO and Gospel Films includes: Bhadrawahi, Churahi, Dhimal, Dogri, Egyptian Arabic, Gaddi, Haryanvi, Ila, Kangri, Kulvi/Outer Seraji, Lughuru, Makonde, Mandeali, Mongolian, Ngindo, Nguu, Pahari Mahasu, Soriyali, Taabwa, Tatar, Turkana, Vidunda, and Zigua.

Film Projects Using Davar Audio


Gospel of Mark

Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, & Turkmenistan • 64 Million Speakers

Tatar speakers are mainly Islam followers and less than 1% are Christian. The Tatar economy for centuries has been a mix of farming and herding. They are also well known for their craftsmanship in wood, ceramics, leather, cloth and metal.

Egyptian Arabic

Gospel of Mark

Egypt • 71 million speakers

37 different people groups speak Egyptian Arabic. To reach this massive population, Davar worked with LUMO films to share the Gospels while recording the Egyptian Arabic full Bible recording, due out later this year.


Gospel of Mark

Zambia • 185,000 Speakers

The Ila people live in east-central Zambia along the bend of the Kafue River. In the heart of their homeland is a rock on which, they say, God dropped man and from there they started migrating in other directions.

1-Joshua Project    2-Brittanica
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Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

Mongolia • 5 Million Speakers

Mongolia is located to the north of China and south of Russia. This landlocked country is mainly pastureland, supporting the large herds of grazing livestock for which they are known.  Less than .02% of them are Christian and Buddhism is the prominent religion for Mongolians1.

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