Why Audio Bibles?


Imagine your community is suffering from a deadly disease, you have the cure in your hands, yet it is written in a language that is unintelligible to you and there is no access to a translator or technology to help you understand the cure. For millions of oral learners around the world, this is what it’s like when their only access to God’s Word is a printed Bible they cannot read.

With access to multiple recorded and printed versions of scripture, we can often forget that there are billions who do not share in this luxury.

Why We Record Audio Bibles?

One-third of the world population cannot read the language they speak. The life-changing value of a written Bible is lost to them if not shared orally.

Of the 7,360 known languages, less than 3% have a full audio Bible.1 Most of these languages are spoken by oral learners. Their language has been passed down through spoken word for generations. With little to no written works, much of what they learn is through listening.

We believe all people should have the opportunity to know the God who made them and that the truths of the Bible are not bound to the reader or ink on paper. By providing the recorded Word of God to oral learners, families, tribes, and nations will live transformed for his glory.

How We Distribute

Through partnerships, Davar can reach more people than we could on our own. We work alongside international organizations to secure translations, identify people groups in need, and facilitate engagement and distribution of our recordings to some of the most remote regions of the world to help end Bible poverty. Partners such as YouVersion/Bible.com, YWAM, Megavoice, Biblica, Digital Bible Library, Faith Comes by Hearing, and many more help us make the recorded Word of God available to those waiting to hear it.

You Can Help Make an Impact

There are countless stories of impact. See a few here. But the work is not yet complete. Please join us and invest in those waiting and longing to hear God’s Word in their home language so that we can make God’s Word available and accessible to all.


1 – Wycliff Global Alliance 2 – International Orality Network