Audio Bibles Impacting Lives of Uganda Visually Impaired

Meet Mr. Robert, Ankole Uganda

Mr. Robert G., of the Ankole district of Uganda, went blind at the age of five. At that time his parents did not take him to school or for treatment. This caused him to feel rejected and angry towards his parents. He had lost hope in his future.

As an adult Mr. Robert began going to church where he received the Word of God and was saved. God’s love gave him a sense of self-worth and hope in his future. He desired to learn more about God’s Word but he was dependent on others to read it to him.

Insights From Bible Society of Uganda

Mr. John Kayima, Audio Bible Distribution Manager for The Bible Society of Uganda, shares that “Few people can go to church and take the blind to go with them for various reasons, including the need for a sight guide. The audio Bible is very important to such a person.”

The General Secretary of The Bible Society of Uganda, Simon Peter Mukhama, explains that there is great excitement about the audio bibles because it may be the first time that the recipients are hearing God speak to them in their own language. He says, “What an easy way to bring scripture to God’s people.”

John shares, “Because of the audio scriptures, the people can get the Word of God in any way they want.”

Blind man using audio Bible

He Can Now Listen to God’s Word Anytime

He now has an audio Bible in his home language of Chiga and can listen to scripture whenever he wants. He shares that the audio Bible “gives me a lot of joy that I had never experienced before. Now, when I want to listen to the Bible, I just switch it on to the book and verse that I want.”

Mr. Robert is now memorizing scripture and sharing the Good News with others in his community.

CEO handing audio Bible to blind man


He is very grateful to those who invested to help him receive the audio Bible and for understanding that the visually impaired also have a desire to listen and know the Word of God. 

Mr. Robert shares, “I pray God shall bless those people abundantly for thinking of those of us who cannot see.”

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