Machame Tribe to Have Access to God’s Word in Their Home Language


Stories from Uganda Partner Studio

While visiting the Uganda studios, we met Pastor Tumsifu Kweka of the Machame tribe in Tanzania. His tribe is one of more than 120 tribes in the Kilimanjaro area. Many people know of this area because it is the home of Mount Kilimanjaro.

He shared with us, “I am narrating the Machame language and now I am recording the Old Testament. Many people, nearly 1 million, will know the Word of God through their original language, which is very, very important. There are so many people who are living in rurual areas. It is very difficult for them to read. It will be more helpful if they gather together and listen to the recorded chapters. Through this audio Bible, they will hear more than they can read.”

Pastor Kweka expressed his gratefulness to be a part of this important project stating that “I know it’ll be in the Machame tribe for many years.” Lastly, he wanted to share a message with those who are helping to make the audio Bible possible, “I want to thank you, my brothers, and sisters, to share your worth with us. You think about people who are living very far from you. You don’t know them, but you think about them, and you want to help them to make sure they get good life. May God bless you.”

We also had a chance to sit down with the studio manager, Daniel Wamala Matovu. He is one of the most passionate and committed people we’ve met who exudes joy. Daniel shares, “I have a great passion for recording audio bibles. That is what I breathe, what I live. Because, after all, it’s going to be here for a generation. Generations upon generations.  When we are all gone this will still be here so we better make it right.”

The team in Uganda is making great progress in accelerating recordings thanks to God’s generous provision and our faithful suppporters. Thank you!

Uganda Partner Studio Team


More About Davar in Tanzania

Although the official language of Tanzania is Swahili, with over 129 ethnic groups in the country’s borders, there are many languages spoken inside Tanzania. Davar has recorded audio bibles in 15 different languages and have plans for 7 additional bibles this year. In addition to the Machame language mentione above we’ll record Nyakyusa, Cigogo, Kivunjo, and Kiha/Ha, Mochi, and Kijita. Each of these have an existing New Testament recording from our friends at Faith Comes by Hearing, so we are excited to record the Old Testament to provide the oral learners in Tanzania the full council of God’s Word. Learn more about our recording plans and financial needs here

Join us in praying for softened hearts to hear God’s Word in Tanzania.

Sources:, Joshua Project

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