The Word of God for the People of Eastern Africa

East Africa is the most populous subregion of Africa, with a population of approximately 455 million people and is made up of 18 countries. The region has some of the world’s fastest growing economies, including Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and South Sudan. The population comprises some two hundred distinct societies, each defined by its own language and sense of identity, its own traditional territory and political structure, and its own system of family relations, marriage, and religious belief and practice.1

East African religions do not form a single coherent body of beliefs and practices. They show great diversity in myths and cosmologies and in beliefs about the nature of spiritual powers and authority of ritual experts.2 Most of East Africa’s people practice either Christianity or Islam but traditional local religions also remain active in almost every part of the area.

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South Sudan People

Recording & Engagement Partners

Local Bible Societies, United Bible Society

South Sudan People

Distribution Methods

YouVersion, Davar website, Megavoice, Kivah, Digital Bible Library, bible.is 


Investment Overview

We are in need of funding to record 16 Old Testaments and 1 New Testament to complete the full Word of God for the people of Eastern Africa. This project will provide these oral learners with God’s word in their home language, allowing them to learn about the God who created them and live transformed lives.

Investment Needed:


Sponsorship Opportunities:

New Testament $30k

Old Testament $60k

Full Bible $70k

Potential Reach:

28 Million People