September 2022 Africa Update

Turkana Tribe receives audio Bible



Davar has recorded more audio bibles in Africa than any other region, with over 100 recordings in 22 countries. We now have studio partners in Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda and four mobile studios traveling to remote areas. We are planning to add an additional studio in the Democratic Republic of Congo before the end of the year. Each studio remains very busy with many new languages.

Audio Bible Progress in Africa as of September 2022
Turkana Tribe receives audio Bible


The Watoto Uji Program in Turkana county started in March 2017 in four villages. As the children feed on porridge, they get an opportunity to listen to God’s Word. The Turkana audio Bible helps in ensuring the children can listen to the Word of God in their heart language, not just a few verses but several chapters. 

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children. – Isaiah 54:13


Davar audio bibles are made available on the YouVersion Bible App, where they accompany written translations. Oral learners can listen in their own language for free and without advertising. This partnership allows us to extend our reach quickly and efficiently. We anticipate continued growth in listenership throughout 2022 as new audio bibles are added and awareness of the audio availability increases. 

Top 5 African Languages by Listenership as of September 2022

2022 Planned Recordings

Potential Reach of 127.8 Million

Africa Recording Progress Table A - September 2022
Africa Recording Progress Table B - September 2022
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It is a real joy that we can have both Old Testament and New Testament in many languages. The audio Bible is such an easy way to bring scripture to the people.

–Simon Peter Mukhama, CEO, Bible Society of Uganda

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