Full Audio Bible Brings Joy


Sister Immaculate Bandonda

Meet Sister Immaculate.  A woman of God who exudes joy when she speaks with you. Her smile is contagious.

When we sat down to talk with her she was excited to tell us how the audio Bible has made it much easier for her to stay in God’s Word, as it is no difficult for her to read. She says that it is also much easier for her to share with others. “We take the Bible and read just one chapter or passage, but this time we listen for an hour.”

Before our arrival, Sister Immaculate only had the New Testament on her audio player. When we provided her with an audio Bible with both the Old Testament and New Testament a big smile came over her face as she recognized the words of Genesis. She said, “And this one, we don’t have it today. This is an Old Testament. It is the foundation of the New Testament.” We agree, which is why it is our mission to complete full audio bibles for all oral learners.

Simon Peter Mukhama Bible Society of Uganda


Simon Peter Mukhama, General Secretary of The Bible Society of Uganda

The mission of The Bible Society of Uganda is “to provide affordable Holy Scriptures in languages and media that communicate effectively to the people.”  The team we met in Uganda, including General Secretary Simon Peter Mukhama, were all very passionate about accomplishing this mission.  They have been great partners for many years and it was very good to be able to meet with them face-to-face. Mr. Mukhama shared with us how important it is to reach the elderly people with an audio Bible, as many of them can no longer read, or may never have learned to read.  Additionally, it is his great joy that the audio bibles we delivered included both the Old and New Testament. He believes strongly that it is important to provide the full Bible in audio and will continue to work with Davar to be able to reach many more Ugandans with audio scripture.

Mark Perkins in Mbarara Uganda

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