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Murray, Steve, Sergio and Johan at Audio Scripture Ministries in Xai-Xai, Mozambique


Stories from Mozambique

“This guy’s blind, he cannot read the Bible, and I think he knows the Bible better than I do, just from listening.” Pastor Willem Nel, a church planter who works among the Tsonga people in Mozambique, overflows with stories about the impact of MegaVoice audio bibles loaded with Davar audio. One particular story, about a blind Mozambican leader, caught our attention.

“I listen to him talking on the phone and he counsels people and quotes Scripture. There’s one person who is enabled to teach others and to help others in a tremendous way, just by being able to listen to the Word day by day.”

Our Shared Impact

MegaVoice has had the privilege of supplying Pastor Willem with 3,500 audio bibles in the Xitsonga language. These devices are used at Pastor Willem’s Bible school, Volta A Biblia. Recipients greatly prefer the Davar Xitsonga audio Bible to previous translations.

“We are listening to the Word of God, we are being strong in our spiritual life,” said Samuel Sumbane, a Volta A Biblia member.

Pastor Willem shared that even though many church members have learned to read, they are still oral learners. Their audio bibles have inspired them to meet together once a week to listen through entire books of the Bible together. This was made possible through Davar and MegaVoice working together to bring the Tsonga people God’s Word in their own home language.

Davar Audio Bibles

Samuel Sumbane shares about his experience with his MegaVoice player

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