India Update

September 2023

Davar Audio Bibles


Christianity is a very new religion to our community. So initially people all thought that it is the pastor who should have the responsibility of sharing the Word of God because they are well educated, they know about the Bible, they read, and they understand. But because of the audio bibles there is change in our community. They are saying that individuals, whether female or male, literate or illiterate, young, or old, they’re taking the responsibility of sharing this Gospel with others. They understand now that it is not only the job of the pastor and now when they want to share, they have an easy medium because it is easy for them to give it to them to play and listen. Those who have heard the audio, many of them have started coming and attending different house churches in our area. We are really happy about that.”

-Kumar, India

Davar Audio Bibles

45 Davar Audio Bibles in Indian languages on YouVersion

Davar continues to see fruit from our partnership with YouVersion. On their platform, we are able to pair our audio with the written translation, giving millions an audio Bible in their home language free and without advertising. There were 836,431 chapter listens of Davar audio bibles in Indian languages as of June 30, 2023. As of summer 2023, we have 45 Indian languages on YouVersion.

Davar Audio Bibles


Take a look at the Indian languge recordings both planned and completed in 2023:

Davar Audio Bibles

Testimonies as a result of Davar audio shared in partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing:

Davar Audio Bibles

“People respond when they hear the Word in their language. I run a listening group in my home; we listen to the Word and discuss it together. My neighbor is not a Christian. One day, he came over and asked to sit with the group and listen. When we finished, I talked with him about what he heard. He expressed to me he felt peace for the first time. He has decided to give his life to Jesus; our group rejoices over our new brother in Christ.”

–Gujarati Language Speaker

Davar Audio Bibles

“Having access to the Bible in my language is such a blessing. Before, if I wanted to hear the Bible, I would have to wait until Sunday at church. Now, I listen every day for an hour or two. Listening gives me peace of mind. My family has begun to listen to the Scriptures with me, and everyone is happy to hear God’s Word. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to listen in my language.”

–Hindi Language Speaker

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