Delivering the Word of God to the Hausa People

Man listening to Audio Bible

In partnership with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), over 300 Davar Hausa audio bibles were distributed to tribes in Nigeria. This was the first time many had the opportunity to experience the fullness of scripture in a language they could understand. 

The oldest man in Dembirim, Nigeria—75 years old — was sitting under a tree listening to the solar-powered Hausa Bible when he began to weep. “I cried! Tears flowing out of my eyes like a toddler…” he said, as he listened to God’s Word.

Nigerian man listening to Hausa audio Bible

As a former Muslim, Baba Danladi’s enthusiasm and passion for Jesus were evident. Just a couple of years prior, he renounced Islam and embraced the truth of the Gospel.

In Baba’s words, “I have vowed to follow Jesus, my only regret is this: I want to be young; carry the GOSPEL everywhere.”

Baba’s testimony and his experience of the new testament were captivating. His enthusiasm and sense of humor touched our hearts! When it was time to go, Baba blessed our ministry and prayed earnestly for us.

How beautiful are the feet of those that preached the good news…and the feet of those who receive it! Please continue to pray that the Hausa audio Bible will bring similar transformation and joy to all those who hear it.

Nigerian girl listening to Hausa audio Bible
Hausa Audio Bible SD cards

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