Non-Cash Giving

Alternative Ways to Give Generously

Your non-cash assets can fill the halls of the Kingdom.

Along the path of life, we collect assets and, as we get older, it is common to have the majority of our net worth in something other than our bank account. By donating assets like real estate, stocks, etc., you can inspire life transformation for oral learners worldwide (and even reduce your taxes).

Examples of Non-Cash Assets

Real Estate

Land, houses or other properties

Personal Property

Patents, precious metals, royalties, copyrights

Appreciated Securities

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.


Wholly or partially-owned LLCs, LPs or S-Corps

Personal Estate

Portion of a trust, will, or life insurance policy

Retirement Plan

401K, IRA, or pension

Want to learn more?

A donor-advised fund is a great resource to help you learn more about the multiplying power of non-cash giving.