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Davar is grateful we can partner with Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) to bring God’s audible Word to those who have not yet heard.

The most common partnership between Davar and FCBH is the shared recording of a full Bible. FCBH has more than 1800 New Testaments in their audio library, so Davar often records an Old Testament from the same translation so that together, a full Bible can be accessed by oral learners. Staff from both ministries meet quarterly to share current recording plans and to make sure we are avoiding duplications and being good stewards of our resources.

We know that through collaboration with other ministries including translation agencies, recording partners and those with feet on the ground engaging with oral learners we can all have a greater Kingdom impact. Davar collaborates with FCBH through both digital and in-person engagement.


Davar shares audio openly and freely through the Digital Bible Library for other ministries, like FCBH and YouVersion, to share on their online platforms. In the second half of 2023, over 664,000 chapters of Davar audio were accessed on the FCBH platform, Bible.is. This originates from over 141 different audio bibles in 156 different countries. The most popular audio bibles accessed include Odia and Gujarati, both languages of India.

Another way FCBH uses Davar audio is in the making of Gospel Films. The film projects are an engaging way to discover and study the life of Jesus through the dubbing of audio paired with breathtaking live-action footage. FCBH has completed 36 films with Davar audio. Recently, a group watched the Christmas story in Tamil over Zoom and Farid shared, “My church hosted online groups where we watched the Gospel Film. The discussion that followed enlightened me. We could share our thoughts, reflections, and questions about the film. The dialogue gave me a deeper understanding of the Christmas story and fostered a sense of unity with the other participants.”


In the latter half of 2023, almost 13,000 devices from FCBH with Davar audio were distributed to engagement partners around the world. This includes a variety of devices made for individuals or groups to come together and listen to God’s Word.

One of these devices was given to Dulan who says, “The audio Bible provides good, sound knowledge and cheers me up as I listen. The convenience of playing it at any time is important because I can independently build my spiritual life. Scripture floods my mind with peace and helps me grow in my faith.”

Davar is grateful for the opportunity to join with FCBH in the recording of God’s Word.