Digital Bible Society Partnership

Tesfaye Gebreab, TWFTW Ethiopia

SD Card Distribution in Egyptian Village

Beneficiaries were from a village in the El Minya governorate, which is predominantly inhabited by Christians. The village has a population of over 10,000 Christians, some of whom relocated due to the persecution they experienced for their Christian beliefs. These individuals abandoned their homes and possessions to settle in this area, which is considered a Christian community.

One significant challenge facing this village is the notably low level of education, which has reached a point close to lawlessness. This situation primarily stems from parental neglect regarding education matters and the absence of educational institutions within the village itself. Schools are scarce and are primarily located in non-Christian communities, leading to reluctance among parents to send their children to school out of fear for their safety in the face of persecution.

The feedback from the recipients of the SD cards has been overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to conveniently access spiritual content, particularly emphasizing the user-friendly nature of the SD cards. This was especially meaningful for those who face challenges with reading and writing.