Blessed to be Used by God

Dan and Lynn had been searching for what they call a “generosity project,” an annual, family-focused approach to stewardship. They chose to support the recording of the Haryanvi audio Bible in India, which was recently completed. Here are some of the highlights from their interview.

India is just a tough area to spread the gospel, and when you look at the illiteracy rate among the elderly and women it is significantly higher than the average and that really touched our hearts.

It is a relatively small investment that has a massive reach, and it is just going to be given away. Many will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel for the very first time and they could come to the Lord. What better example of the gospel can you have? 

The thing that really attracted us to Davar is it’s a pretty streamlined ministry. There’s not a lot of overhead. You know, we look at everything that we have as the Lord’s, it’s not the 10%, it’s a hundred percent is the Lord’s. And so how can we be used as a conduit, if you will, for Kingdom work. It’s an opportunity to participate in a country that’s so far away that we can’t have a daily impact personally, but now we can at least participate in some of the joy that this translation will do.

We are just beyond blessed to have been able to be used by God, to have open hands to sponsor the Haryanvi Bible. We are excited to see how God uses the recording for his glory.” 

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