COVID Impact on Davar

Impact of COVID on Davar Teams & Projects

As COVID continues to spread in many parts of the world, we wanted to update you on the impact COVID is having on some of our recording teams and share the mighty ways God is working despite the pandemic.


India was recently in the news as COVID numbers spiked after the Hindu festival that saw as many as five million people gather to wash away their sins in the Ganges River.1 Please pray for the family of Pastor Prakash, one of the narrators for the Tamil audio Bible, who recently passed due to complications from COVID. We pray that his recorded reading of God’s Word will comfort them. We have other narrators in place, and we continue to press forward on the Tamil recording along with seven other audio bibles for the oral learners in India. In addition, we have already completed eight audio bibles this year. We are grateful for our ministry partners in India who are finding a way to keep the projects moving while taking the necessary precautions.

In India, it been a fantastic journey of spiritual hope and joy for several language communities deprived for generations without access to God’s Word, especially for those who are illiterate, elderly, and underprivileged. They can now freely hear the life-giving Word, whenever they want, wherever they want and as long as they want. Thanks to Davar for making this possible!

Dr. B.C.

India Team Member


Our partnership with Trans World Radio offers thousands of listeners the opportunity to hear Davar’s Turkana audio Bible weekly as different lockdowns in Kenya have forced people to remain in their homes. The 30-minute radio show is anchored by a local pastor and has seen growth month over month. Listeners call in for the chance to win a solar-powered audio Bible for their homes and villages. The broadcast will also include the Taita audio Bible later this year. We are grateful God’s Word continues to be heard despite travel limitations.

Thanks to abibilia itorunit naredio (The Bible through radio) radio program in Turkana County in the north rift region of Kenya! Every Tuesday evening is time for a unique Bible study platform through radio. Now Bible study groups are being formed. Bible pessimists are becoming Bible apologists and the Bible message is being spread. Worth noting is that people are enthusiastically voting for deserving winners of a gift of the audio Bible! It is indeed an interactive, selfless Bible study through radio. Thanks to Davar Partners!

Enos Changulo

Trans World Radio Partner


According to Doctors without Borders, Peru faces one of the highest COVID-19 mortality rates and lack of access to vaccines2. Earlier this year we began working in Peru to record seven Quechua languages in partnership with the Peruvian Bible Society. Praise God for the safety of our team and for the good progress being made. We are excited to share God’s Word in audio form with the Quechua people.


Uganda recently locked down their borders due to rising cases of COVID. We thank God for an experienced studio team and narrators inside Uganda that can continue working during this time. Please pray with us that our current production teams will be able to travel home to Ethiopia when recording is complete. Fortunately, we have many languages on the production schedule in Uganda if we are not able to bring in the narrators from neighboring African countries for the planned recordings.


Our Arabic recording in Cairo was delayed due to a COVID outbreak among our recording team. We are grateful that everyone recovered and the recording was completed.


Through this pandemic season, we are grateful that He still has the whole world in His hands and that he provides a way for Davar to continue to record His Word for oral learners around the globe.


1 – CNN  2 – Doctors without Borders


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