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Did you see phrases on the website that were new to you? Davar Audio Bibles has developed new language to more clearly articulate the need for audio bibles and the benefit of our recordings. When we can speak together, with one voice, we are able to draw greater support for oral learners worldwide. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with these phrases on the right. 

oral learner

A person who engages a new idea through spoken word

home language

The language in which you were raised

trade language

Language(s) learned out of necessity for monetary gain and trade with neighboring cities or nations


A new self, given by grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ


The ease of a Bible to be obtained, used, and understood

full Bible

The Old Testament and New Testament together in one redemptive story

Our Unique Approach

Why does Davar choose to focus on Audio Bibles?

The easy answer is: God placed it on our hearts. The Bible has had an indescribable impact on every person connected to Davar. We want oral learners to share that experience, because God’s truth is not bound to the reader or ink on paper.

But also, operationally, the history of Davar started in audio device production, not Bible translation. We discovered the great need for high-quality audio bibles through our work with Bible delivery devices. Thankfully, our production model and established relationships allowed us to smoothly transition to recording high-quality, accurate audio bibles. It has been our focus ever since. 

We are proud to partner with translation partners that patiently and prayerfully translate the written text. There’s a huge movement in written Bible translation—ministries are partnering toward a shared vision to eradicate Bible poverty. We want to make sure audio keeps pace with our like-minded written translation partners.

Which languages are next? Can I request a recording?

At Davar, we have an evolving “productions pipeline.” As we work with partners, build new relationships, and interact in the diverse world of global missions, we hear consistent outcry for audio Bibles. In fact, out of nearly 7,378 languages spoken, less than 700 of these languages have a full Bible in audio. Davar is working diligently and partnering with like-minded ministries to close this staggering gap. See our full Audio Bible library!

We have more than a hundred text recording agreements lined up, with increasingly growing opportunities. To see a comprehensive list of upcoming projects or to request a specific language recording, please contact us. Often times, our first point of contact in initiating a new language production has come from one individual making a request. We rely on our partners!

Why record the full Bible?

This is a question many have asked over the years. Why not stick to the New Testament? What about Bible story sets? Do people really need the Old Testament too?

In 1 Peter, the Apostle Peter quotes Isaiah 40:8, “All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls, but the word of the Lord remains forever.” Jesus Himself proclaims in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” The Word of God, the Word that was from the beginning, will never wither, fade, or pass away. The Psalmist tells us that the Word of God is more to be desired than gold, yes more than much fine gold. The value of the Word of God in its entirety is a treasure we want to offer to all people in every language. It is our highest priority. 

We share the passion to eliminate Bible poverty with many other like-minded ministry partners. One partner focuses on recording New Testaments in audio, while other partners are passionate to make the stories of Scripture available in every language. As the Lord has defined their roles in the Kingdom, He has defined Davar to be passionate about Full Bible recording. We believe the Full Bible, the full counsel of God, is a worthy investment for every people group around the world. We are committed to record the Bible in its entirety in as many languages as the Lord would allow, and we humbly ask you to join us in this sacred effort.


How long does it take to record the full Bible?

Our estimated and ideal timeframe to complete a Full Bible recording is about 6-9 months. This timeline can change based on two major variables within our process:

  1. Text Permissions – Working with various text owners can be a bit unpredictable. There are times when we receive permission right away to begin recording, and there are times where it can take months to locate and hear from a text owner. We usually predict 2-4 months to secure permissions, but it often takes longer.
  2. Funding – In order to begin the recording phase, we must have the project partially funded as studio and narration costs accrue quickly in the active production phase. We also must be prepared to cover related costs for indigenous narrators to travel and stay near studio locations. Limited funding can delay the start of the project.

We see God’s favor and provision when we receive permissions and funding right on time. We trust Him to lead us forward and continue establishing our steps to make the Bible available in audio to people of every tongue.


Where can I access audio bibles?

Anyone can FREELY listen to Davar audio bibles through our audio library.

Davar audio bibles are also available through major partnerships with Digital Bible Library, YouVersion, MegaVoice and Kivah.

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