Cherishing collaboration: Embarking on a transformative path with audio bibles


Imagine a world where the teachings of the Bible reach everyone, no matter their reading abilities. Picture hearts finding comfort, inspiration, and spiritual growth through spoken words. This dream comes true through an amazing partnership between Davar Audio Bibles and the Bible Society of India, going beyond boundaries to help one another.

A transformative journey of partnership

In 2020, this collaborative effort was initiated to give the wonderful gift of audio bibles in different Indian languages where the printed Bible exists. This partnership extends its reach to kindle flames of guidance and sustenance in many lives.

Illuminating lives, nourishing souls

Think about the elderly, whose eyes may have dimmed but whose spirits burn bright for divine wisdom and find peace.  Envision the visually impaired, finding joy and nourishment in their souls. Even young people and those who are always busy find a special place in these audio bibles. They listen and grow during their commutes, finding hope and strength through faith. Audio bibles can be used for personal, family, community listening to grow and understand the Bible through effective scripture engagement. These efforts bring people together and create hope while working together to inspire and make positive changes.

Seeds of unity, harvest of hope

We’re grateful and thankful for this partnership that integrates media, technology and spiritual wisdom. It invites everyone who wants to make a difference now and spread hope for a better future, where the teachings of the Bible touch every heart. A world full of hope, love, and peace becomes real. 

The call resounds

The value of this partnership shines bright, connecting people and bringing empowerment. The task is substantial and there is still much to accomplish. You can be a part of this amazing journey. Help spread the impact of audio bibles, bringing people closer across languages and generations. Let unity be our guide to create a world filled with wisdom, understanding, comfort, and positive transformations that the teachings of the Bible offer.

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