First Recording in Azerbaijan

Closeup photo of an Azerbaijani woman standing near mosque with covered head by stylish scarf

ABOUT Azerbaijan

Davar is recording its first audio Bible for Azerbaijan, a full Bible in the Azeri language, also known as Azerbaijani, which is the primary and official language of the country. There are nine million Azeri speakers worldwide, with eight million located in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is a country located on the boundary of West Asia and Eastern Europe and has a population of 10.4 million people.

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Azerbaijan Religion

Azerbaijan has no official religion but 85.9% of the people practice Islam and 2.53% of people practice Christianity, making an audio Bible a necessary tool to disciple believers. These audio Bibles are a safe way for Christians to discreetly listen to the Word of God in a Muslim-majority country.

image of country mountainside in Azerbaijan

Prayers for Azerbaijan

Ask God to give local Christians the courage and wisdom to share biblical truth, even in the midst of challenges. Pray for Azerbaijanis to find hope in the Gospel.

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