The History of Davar

Turkana Men holding audio player

Full Bible. Full understanding.

Davar Partners International was founded in response to the great need for audio Scripture among some of the least-reached people groups in the world—oral learners. After an intentional season of prayer, fasting, and development, the team formally banded together with a common passion: to bring the full audio Bible to oral learners in their home language so they can fully understand God’s Word.


Established as a Ministry

Davar is officially established and starts work on a solar audio player that was durable, user-friendly, and low cost. Within a year, designs are finalized and the first batch of solar audio players is produced. The 2010 Ubabalo project marks first international engagement trip as a ministry.


Recorded First New Testament and Full Bible

We complete our first audio Scripture recordings.  The Naro people group from Botswana received the story of Jesus in the New Testament, while the Southern Soto received a full Bible. A powerful moment as God’s Word in audio form was met with great celebration and transformed lives.


Increased Recording Capacity Two-Fold

Davar becomes a “library card holder” with the Digital Bible Library (DBL), a centralized location that houses scriptures from Bible societies around the world. This access enabled faster text permission approvals which led to an increase in the number of recordings.


Reached a New Continent

Indonesia and Mongolia audio Bibles begin the recording process, marking Davar’s entry into Southeast and mainland Asia, which would later grow into more audio Bibles for neighboring people groups and nations.


Key Partnerships and Process

The transfer of the AudiBible solar player distribution to the nonprofit Kivah Distributors in 2017 allowed for an increased focus on recording and collaborative partnerships.


Growing Impact

Traction on a greater and more tangible scale, including: 75 audio Bible recordings completed in seven years,16.4 million chapter requests on YouVersion, Old Testament recordings for Faith Comes By Hearing, and new distribution and engagement with the Bible Society of Kenya and Youth With a Mission (YWAM).


Big Goals

Plans and strategies are identified to reach the goal of 100 new recordings by 2022 and 500 by 2030. Begin recording first audio Bible in India.


Celebrate 100 Audio Bibles Recorded

We completed the recording of our 100th audio Bible. Began recording our first audio Bible in Peru, Egypt, South Sudan and Tajikistan. Celebrated 100+ audio bibles on YouVersion library.


Accelerating Recording Progress

We completed the recording of our 100th audio Bible in Africa, surpassed the 200th audio recording, and added 13 new countries!



We completed the recording of our 300th audio Bible, and 200th in African languages. We also saw 100 million chapter listens on YouVersion, first recording in Europe and began working in 11 new countries!