Acholi Audio Bible Delivers Hope to Uganda Slum District


Partnerships Make it Possible

In cooperation with the Bible Society of Uganda, the Digital Bible Society, Faith Comes by Hearing, and a local church, the Acholi audio Bible has reached the Acholi Quarters of Kampala, a slum district of more than 15,000. As a result, young men, most whom are homeless and have been in trouble with the authorities, have been listening to the audio Bible on Saturdays and some have received their own personal audio Bible. Those we spoke to shared how the audio bibles have helped to bring hope and a desire to live differently for Christ.

Rev Julius Ouko


Reverend Julius Ouko, Lead Pastor of Pentecostal Evangelical, Acholi Quarters

Each Saturday about 40 young men, aka “Street Kids”,  arrive at the Pentecostal Evangelical church to listen to the Word of God in their home language and discuss what they’ve heard, how to apply it to their lives and enjoy a free meal.  Reverend Ouko, the lead pastor, shares, “Audio bibles are really very important to communities like ours. I’ve seen a lot of changes in this community. Many of them took up what they learnt and it has helped them to really know what God is saying. The lifestyle that they’re living is not what God wants. People that were hopeless now have hope. Families that had given up now see some hope. God is doing something in this community.” 

A group of Ugandan men with two white men.

 The “Street Kids” 

The young men ranging in age from 17 to 36 all share how God’s Word, and the personal investment from Reverend Ouko, has changed their lives. Here are just a few of the testimonies they shared:

  • “The day I started to hear the Word of Jesus, He changed my heart. I started changing slowly, slowly. And now I don’t take marijuana or alcohol.”
  • “I like God’s Word because it gives me hope. Even if I’m a street kid, I know that in the future I will be okay.”
  • “I was just saved recently, so I need to get more instructions.”
  • “The audio Bible is helpful. We listen and understand more.” 

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